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About The Chambal®

The Story of the Chambal

The Chambal is a large Region that spans between Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh, housing a diverse and unforgiving bioecological climate. It is known specifically for Ravines, Gharials & River Dolphin & its many death-defying stories. Today, more than ever, the Chambal needs us.
The ravines are being destroyed on a daily basis to create farmlands, the ecosystem is being disrupted, and the stories and legends are forgotten. Through our brand, we wish to promote and highlight this remarkable region, and hopefully be a little part in helping save our history.

Why choose The Chambal?

The Chambal® aims to curate a sustainable and aspirational brand that inspires social change, clean living, and a clear environmental message. Our brand is for global nomads. At a time when movement is restricted, and travelling has become strenuous, we want to bring you modern clothing options that can carry you from bed to adventures. Whether you do it virtually or in real life.

Our objective is to promote creativity , through collaborations with local designers, artists, startups and brands. we source the best quality of fabrics that are made in India, and bring to you a small but unique lifestyle collection; for the couch surfer, jet setter or adrenaline junkie.
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Our Philosophy

The Chambal is a clothing brand that aims to eliminate myths about the ravines of the Chambal region. The brand was created with the aim of promoting the region's stories, culture, and history by using the iconic imagery of the unforgiving Chambal ravines. Some of the well known visual references we use on our t-shirts include the Gharial alligators, the Daaku guns and the Bhaagis. Inspired from the rugged terrain of the Chambal region, this brand symbolizes " roughness and toughness" of the individuals who love adventure and sports. By identifying with this region we in turn hope to create a brand that survives generations and pays homage to the ecosystem of the Chambal and its “survival of the fittest” way of life.

However, it is most important to note that while the main motive of this brand is to share the story of the Chambal, we do not compromise on the quality of our products. Therefore, The Chambal™ team is constantly evolving to provide to you the top quality of fabrics available in India, so we can give you the true Chambal experience.

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