"The Chambal": Brand of Gwalior

"The Chambal": Brand of Gwalior

Flaunting you the ride of Chambal, driven by the four zestful, enthusiastic and mindful youngsters, coming from normal backgrounds had an interesting and productive journey. They quit their jobs, and decided to start their vocation with the T-shirt business, and kept their main objective to promote creativity, its heritage, people, local art, and artists. They took the initiative as a whole to promote their brand's quality along with their state's identity. The Chambal region has always been famous for its rough - tough and its Bulgarie identity so that our brand signifies the boldness, adventure, and thrill. there is a very famous proverb: "where there is a will, there is a way".

These four people started with just an idea and willingness to do something that outstands their way and gradually they started growing up and finally set their foot in the industry, and the rest is history.

Founders of The Chambal are Mr. Robin Singh Khenwar , Mr. Rohit Mandal, Mr. Aman Gaur, and Mr. Jagbeer Singh Kang. The Chambal is not only the brand that sells the T-Shirts but also it provides an outstanding platform for the budding artist to show their skills. The brand also promotes the Heritage of a region. "The Chambal", is itself a name enough to reveal to the audience about its significance.

All about experience

Good things take time, so as the "Brand". The brand has come across too many hurdles, a lot of stress, and has overcome all of its dissatisfactory moments, in its beginning. And now it is in a well-known position. It was all new to them, they faced problems like inventory, printing, sizes, etc. They learned to deal with these situations, did as much research work as they could. Advanced machines were brought up to enhance the quality of the brand. The best part of the brand " Chambal " is its graphic design. Which symbolizes the lifestyle of baaghis, its history, adventure, and mindset of the region. The graphic designs connect you with the theme and its emotion, and that is what makes " THE CHAMBAL " unique. The brand is being improvised continuously since 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Robin Khenwar and setting its foot in the market, flourishing day by day like anything.

Also, it has launched its first flagship store on the auspicious occasion of 26 January, “The Republic Day” in which they are shining with all new collections for both ladies and gentlemen.


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